About Us

Welcome to Best-Malaysia!!

About us – Best-Malaysia.com is the website that introducing all the best 10 in Malaysia. It also a comparison platform that provides users a Best 10 option across a wide variety of products and services. The aim for us to do is make decision easier by helping the users to choose from the top options available. The website include many category such as Information Technology, Food & Beverage, Business, Online Shopping and so on. We strive to add on new content to get rich the website and provide more information to the locals Malaysian and visitors and tourists all around the World.

Vision 1


Best Malaysia strives to find the BEST business services and products in various fields and save people time in searching. To success the vision as a Best Malaysia website, we would like to bring more relative information to the locals Malaysian and also the tourists and visitors about the best part of ours’s country. Moreover, we would like to take part in assisting local industry growth and promoting our local tourism industry.



The following is the mission that we aim to complete:

  1. To give people better experience when searching the business services and products
  2. To save time
  3. Provide convenience for user
  4. Easier decision maker