Chef Chef Cafe

Chef Chef Cafe


Chef Chef Cafe is created by a group of executive chef with passionate about food. Our menu offers western & asian cuisine with our creative homemade ingredients ensures you receive the best quality.

Locate Us

40, Jalan Palma Rafis 1, Taman Dato Chellam, Ulu Tiram,

81800 Johor Malaysia


Chef Chef Cafe is a restaurant located in the Austin Height in western, with 20 years of experience in catering industry. [Well-known Chef] suggests that a number of famous chefs cooperation opens a restaurant, contracting company celebration, schools, factory canteens, door-to-door contract wedding, birthday, Party buffet for an integrated food and beverage management. Celebrity chef restaurants always adhere to standardized production, pay attention to food hygiene, nutrition supplement, well-balanced, adhere to cooking characteristics, our purpose is, allow customers to eat the best food, the most satisfactory service, the most reasonable price and. Realization of” reasonable price, quality standardization, quality service ” business management target. Let the chef catering food to your party, home, company and so on, everything you want to hold local, professional for you to create a belong to your own party.

Products and Services

-Live BBQ
-Chef International Buffet

-Fried Rice
-Mee Hoon/ Noodles/ Spaghetti


Unique Selling Proposition (USP)