Madoc Integration Solution Sdn. Bhd

Madoc Integration Solution Sdn. Bhd


Madoc has also started to invest into monitoring solutions which are affordable, user friendly & scalable to a size of a city. From farms to skyscrapers, being able to provide data on such a scale will allow people to optimise and increase productivity whilst keeping work at manageable levels.

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All of our products are meticulously researched by us to ensure they work perfectly in your home. All our products communicate with each other via the Loxone Miniserver, so they seamlessly work together as one. Music, shading, lighting, security & cooling – everything that makes up a home is brought together and managed intelligently. From blind motors to ceiling lights – at Madoc you get everything from a single source, with the assurance that every product you buy from us is 100% compatible with your Smart Home.

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